Reassure your patients and staff with Rhondair™

Aerosol Capture System
Catch harmful airborne droplets at the source with Rhondair™
Dentist-DA-Rhondair-WorkingCreate a great experience for your patients and keep your staff safe with these great features:

  • Protects against all airborne pathogens including COVID, influenza and colds.
  • Single-use, recyclable shields and sleeves, and autoclavable funnel for the best infection control possible.
  • Allows unencumbered direct intra-oral vision and access.
  • Very quiet (52dB at the funnel) with exceptionally high airflow (4,000L/min).

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Unique Shield Design - The most effective capture performance

  • Unique shield captures all airflow from around the patient's head, effectively containing the aerosol hazard at its source.
  • Exceptionally high airflow volumes of up to (4,000L/min) for unrivalled capture performance.
  • Using the Rhondair system demonstrates to your patients and staff that you take H&S seriously.
  • Depending on risk management plans and local regulations, effectively aerosol containment may mean that you need less PPE.
  • Low upfront investment with consumable service plans available.
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Replaceable Shield


The shield is a single-use item made of type 1 PET plastic and can be easily recycled or disposed of in standard medical waste.

Autoclavable Funnel

Funnel02-transparent background2

The detachable funnel can be cleaned in an instrument washer, autoclave or via cold sterilisation.

Replaceable Duct


The hose on the unit can be disinfected and is replaceable.

HEPA Grade Filter


Certified HEPA filters remove 99.95% of all particles to as small as 0.3μm

Foot Pedal

Foot pedal

Foot pedal allows for hands-free operation.

Powerful Fan


Powerful fan draws 4000 L/min or 141CFM of airflow, higher than any other available standard aerosol capture unit.

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Need more information or pricing details?

Request our product and pricing brochure by entering your email below:
Brochure splay 300w